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HOME 20/09/2010

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50 Responses to “HOME”

  1. hezel solana Says:

    Thank you so much maam for being patient in teaching us. I do hope that you would continue inspiring students. God bless you more maam.

  2. Hi Ma’am, nice site!
    nadawat kaya nimo akong finals Ma’am? Nakulbaan man ko. 🙂

    God bless Ma’am

  3. yvonne jane raloso Says:

    hi maam.. 🙂

  4. wowwwwwwwwwwwww!! it so much………

  5. Nice site ma’am… the short stories were cool… teach you lessons in life…(.^_^.)
    It was nice being in your class.

  6. john mark muyco gula Says:

    hi maam.. nice one

  7. low maam,,,, nice site…. God bless …..


    nice sya maam,, pabuhat pud ko NI,, PUHON,, IF I AM A TEACHER NA,, A

  9. Good day Ma’am! Your website is cool! Congratz po… it’s such an another way of finding works from your class so easy… (”,) Godbless Ma’am!

  10. caceres, christian karl Says:

    hi ma’am…

    agi lang q!!hehehe

    thank you ma’am…


  11. rhea nova Says:

    hello ma’am.. thanks for everything.. the effort and the joy..sorry also.. we’ve caused you headaches, i’m sure! hehe..

  12. rhea nova Says:

    hello ma’am.. thanks for everything.. the effort and the joy..sorry also..

  13. sittie raina salipada Says:

    hellow, maam musta na po ang result ng exam namin…kinankabahan p kc ako…gmmmmmm nakakatakot at nakakatense na habng papalapit na nag endrollment……

  14. Emerson Bornales Says:

    hi mam… wer na ung pic ntn sa Eng 4 mam?? hehe

    • espierspective Says:

      Hi, Emerson, posted them on FB and redy for viewing in one of my photo albums.Enjoy viewing!

  15. steven jay silah Says:

    hi ma’am good day. maam sana i can get a high grade now..huhu
    maam when can we have our removal? hehe!!)

  16. Kevin Says:

    Ma’am gud day! I hope you would be able to post an example of the bookreport and the format and so on so we could view it from here and may have some, sort of, idea… Thank you so much and God bless!

  17. shiela mae asumen Says:

    hi mam…Thanks…!!…for EVERYTHING…

  18. Chery lou Bacongco Says:

    maam ur so photogenic!

  19. Chery lou Bacongco Says:

    maam, ur soooo photogenic.talo moh pa miss thailand,

  20. sittie aiza padasan Says:

    helow maam?? hope the final exam will be easier than the prelim exam.

  21. Sittie Raina Salipada Says:

    hellow ma’am…I hope that I can pass the final exam…jujuju because I got a failing grade in the prelim exam…jujuju…I will do my best to pass the final exam….

  22. John Vincent Amoguis Says:

    i hope this coming final exam will be easier than prelim.. i don’t want to receive a failing grade..
    ma’am,please have heart on us.. hihihi..

    • espierspectives Says:

      but your prelims score was ok; just give it your best shot, make sure you read the stories and take heed of the pointers I gave last meeting…kayang-kaya mo yan.

  23. Maria Felisadae Lorenzo Says:

    Hoping to have a better grade..(Better than the prelim-3.0) hehehe

  24. casselle :) Says:

    hi ma’am! i just wished you were our eng4. We hadn’t enjoyed it much kasi. This is an awesome relish, a very good supplement for us(makikisali po ako e.hehe.). thanks mam pretty! Gb! 😉

    • espierspectives Says:

      hello, casselle, sure, drop by anytime…still have to work on poetry, though. Inuna ko lang short story kasi yun ang coverage namin ngayon.

  25. nat florida Says:

    mam,,,hello there,,,what`s the next step here?
    nawiwindang tlaga aq,,

  26. rhea nova tindugan Says:

    you’re so sexy in your pic..hehe nice..

  27. rhea nova tindugan Says:

    hi mam.. thanks for the effort..I hope I won’t fail this time.. huhu.. literature is kinda hard..

    • espierspectives Says:

      hi, rhea…love it and it will love you back. 🙂 Many find prose easier than poetry.

  28. riezle Says:

    ma’am i’m truly confused..

    asa dri”?

    • espierspectives Says:

      riezle, short stories…click the top right button. Everything that’s there from short stories to elements.

  29. lynetteg Says:

    wow! congrats on the birth of your site! 🙂 swerte naman ng mga students mo sis. 🙂

    • espierspectives Says:

      Hi, nettesky, thanks…just one of many, :-)…actually tagal na ‘to, recently ko lang nadagdagan ng contents. Dami pang kulang eh. But at least pwede na i-publish. 🙂

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