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In yet another quest for anything about my former professors, I find this link about my adviser on Research:

Brookside Baby seems to be a very good, intimate friend of Prof E  because she knows a lot about her and her husband; that in every word she pens about the good professor, the kind lady comes alive again in my mind, and I look back to the times when I’d see her in class…a bespectacled lady, most distinguished-looking granny.  She had been very patient with my research, my final academic requirement which took me to the big libraries in the metro.

From Brookside’s blog I get this excerpt:

Why do you feed your students?

Nieves Benito Epistola, professor emeritus of the Department of English and Comparative Literature at the University of the Philippines Diliman, was often asked this through much of her career that spanned 51 years. Her answer remained the same: “There are three good reasons for doing things. The first important need is physiological; the second, to have security or a sense of belonging, and the third, self-actualization.”

She used to say, whenever she was assigned to a 7 a.m. or a 12 noon class, “How can you expect them to learn if they are hungry? Communication is easier if you eat the same things. On the metaphorical level, you give them nourishment for the mind.”

I do remember one afternoon, because our class was in the afternoon, first period after lunch… Prof E brought us  some  candy…the soft chewy White Rabbit from China.  I think she just got back from a foreign trip…yeah, most probably from some parts of China…if not Hongkong, then Beijng.

The last time I saw her was when I gave her her copy of my Research and had some forms signed.  My  research was late, but she had it ante-dated, for graduation purposes.  She was THAT kind.



  1. jrdumaup Says:

    Seems MSU have Prof. E too.. . =)

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