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I HATE MY MOTHER 20/02/2011

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This cut-out article must have been circulating in the e-mail world for some time now.  When it came to me and I read it, my heart was crushed.  Being a parent myself, I know how the old woman here must feel.  To be treated like this by your child is simply not something you can shrug your shoulders off at.  Parents work hard to give the best they could to their children. Most of the times they forget about  their own welfare. For us parents, sacrifice is the name of the game.

Can you imagine how the son would have felt after reading the letter?

“Children can be so self-centered sometimes.”

Sorry I cannot name the source of this poignant piece.  I don’t know who he/she is. But whoever this sensible person may be, I’m sure a great multitude is thankful to you for this.  I’m sharing this to my students, that they may realize  how important thier parents are.  And if they are as embarrassed of their parents as this author had been, then they have a lot of thinking to do.  They must probably have to come to terms with certain facts in their lives.  We all must learn a lesson or two from here.


3 Responses to “I HATE MY MOTHER”

  1. Luzara, Jin Shin Says:

    The motivational story of “I hate my Mother” teaches us to love and value our mom, because without them, there would be no us.
    Thank them!, give them pure love UNCONDITIONALLY.

    There are cases that we (my other and I) misunderstood each other, then all I have to do is cried. But the truth is; nothing will never ever change,she is still my mother. she knows best 4 me.. And I love her for being there always beside me.(^-^)

    Thanks ma’am for wonderful story.. i lily lily lily like 8..

  2. steph Says:

    mam,,kasali pa ito sa basahin nmin???

    • espierspectives Says:

      yes, steph, sali yan…yan at wooden bowl, sabay i-discuss

      best regards, Espie Corpuz Each one prays to God according to his own light. Before the throne of the Almighty, man will be judged not by his acts but by his intentions. For God alone reads our hearts.

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