Literature 101

Prof. Concepcion Dadufalza 02/09/2010

UP Diliman Professor Emeritus Concepcion Dumlao Dadufalza

I became acquainted with this little book, The Little Prince, because of my Humanities I professor Dr. Concepcion Dadufalza.  We took this up in her class for maybe two  meetings, and from then on, the little book became part of my college-day treasures.

Tonight, I tried to look her up in the internet just so I could find a photo of her to post here…but was saddened by what i saw, although, what was I thinking, she had been an old woman when I was her student.  Who can ever forget this lady?   A classmate of mine was forward enough to ask her why she hadn’t gotten married…my heart skipped a bit because I was  expecting her to fly off the handle, but to my surprise, she was so gracious;  she replied with a gentle voice and a smile: I don’t need to get married because I am already married to my profession.

I heaved a sigh of relief back then, glad that she didn’t get mad…and a rosebud of admiration bloomed for this frail figure who walked with a straight back and a chin held high.  She wasn’t the terror prof we knew her to be, she was soft!

Dr Concepcion Dadufalza

UP Diliman Professor Emeritus Concepcion Dumlao Dadufalza passed away last December 26, 2004.

HER SISTER VIOLETA relayed that Prof. Dadufalza died of pulmonary asphyxiation the morning after Christmas, exactly ten days after her 82nd birthday.

She was buried last December 30, 2004 at the Manila Memorial Park in Parañaque City. She is survived by brothers Arturo and Conrad, and sisters Violeta, Natividad, and Estrella.—

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