Literature 101

BOOKS 22/09/2010


would be an understatement to describe these books…

Hope For The Flowers


This book may look like it’s a children’s book but it’s definitely not a children’s story…looking at it on a more profound perspective.

It’s more than being about two caterpillars sprouting into this world and eating and crawling and loving and climbing and jostling and climbing and climbing…

It’s about grown-ups having been brought into this world as a youngling, soaking in like sponge every knowledge that he finds as he crawls on leaves and flat lands, and having done that, desiring to find more in areas higher than the ground, climbing and jostling and giving up and climbing and jostling again, till he reaches the top which is his goal…only to find that at the top is an emptiness…nothing and no one there.

Without saying it directly, the book tells of ambition,  pain, struggle, harassment, desertion, and disillusionment.

It tells of the completely different paths  that people take to achieve self-actualization,  and the different results.

It  tells of  how some people rush to where the multitude goes, jumping in on the fierce and oftentimes ruthless competition.  It also tells of  how some people would refuse to join in the mad scramble, taking a more quiet route in search of his own fulfillment.

In this case, the book vindicates the latter, showing us how the tiny, wiggly worm have metamorphosed into a beautiful creature that can fly far beyond what other creatures  can reach.  Without saying much, it reveals to us what peace and quietude  self-discovery and spiritual transcendence can bring to people.   Only one who is at peace with himself can be a free spirit and soar high.

Without butterflies there can be no flowers.  It’s a lovely metaphor that speaks of purpose for each one of us.  We could be butterflies that  infect hope and love to others.  We could be butterflies that touch people’s hearts,  one person after the other, pollinating them with inspiration, encouraging them to have faith in themselves and most importantly in God.

The Little Prince, Photo from JaketheCake

The Little Prince



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4 Responses to “BOOKS”

  1. sittie aiza padasan Says:

    hehehe.. hope di na ku mabagsak.. nakastress isipin.. maam wag masyado mahirap huh.. hehehe

    • espierspectives Says:

      you can do it sittie , anyway, all my questions come from our discussions, as usual, so it shouldn’t

      really be “not easy.” 🙂

  2. Maria Felisadae Lorenzo Says:

    Maam, I’d just like to borrow these books of yours.
    May I?…
    The book “The Little Prince” was so familiar to me but I’ve not yet read the whole cover of the story.

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